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  • Are you the person responsible for registering the trial?
    Only the trial's Primary Sponsor or their authorised representative should register the trial.

    It is recommended that the trial sponsor register the trial. However, trial co-ordinators or principal investigators may also register the trial. Please contact the person responsible for the trial's overall management to check if you are authorised to register the trial before proceeding further. For multi-site studies, trial data should be submitted only once. Do not submit trial data for each study location

  • Has the trial already been registered?
    Your trial should only be registered once on the South African National Clinical Trial Registry (SANCTR).

    Please check that the trial has not already been registered on the SANCTR before proceeding further. Click here to search the SANCT Registry database.
    For multi-site studies, trial data should be submitted only once. Do not submit trial data for each study location.

  • If you wish to proceed with trial registration please read the following:
    Once your trial is registered on the SANCT Registry, it is not possible to withdraw or remove your trial.
    You are able to update your trial's information after registration. In most instances you will need to provide a reason why you are making changes to your trial. The trial information including the history of changes made will be made publicly available.
    Please do not 'cut and paste' information from other applications that includes formatted text (e.g. bullet points) when entering data on the SANCT Registry.
    Please do not use meaningless phrases or uninformative terminology to describe key information. For example, do not write "investigational drug" in the 'Intervention' field. Please provide sufficient detail so that the information will be meaningful to users of the SANCT Registry.
    After submitting a trial for registration, it will be checked by the SANCT Registry staff. If more information is required before your trial can be registered, we will send you an email. It is important that you reply promptly to these queries so we can proceed with registering your trial as soon as possible.
    If you do not respond to the query email within two weeks, the SANCT Registry staff will re-send the email twice, at two weekly intervals. They may also make a follow-up phone call after this time if there is still no response. If you do not respond to any of these follow-up emails or calls, we will assume that you do not wish to proceed with registering your study at this time and it will be withdrawn from the registration process. To re-instate your submitted study information for registration at a later date, you will be required to send an email request to the SANCT Registry.

    I hereby state that I am the trial's Primary Sponsor (or an authorized representative of the sponsor), that the trial has not been previously registered on the SANCTR Clinical Trials Register, and that I agree to the Terms and Conditions of the SANCTR Clinical Trials Registry

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